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I'd like a room in the middle, not at the end of the hallway please, thank you.

I have already cleaned my room. I 我 have 因为说是"已经", 所以是完成时, 所以用have already 这个词也可以放到句末, 意思是已经 cleaned 因为是完成时, 所以用的是过去式, "整理", "收拾"的意思 my 我的 room 房间

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房间隔音不好,能听到外面和邻居的声音 The sound insulation of the room is not good, I can hear voices from outside and neighbors.

Though all the dwellings of light, always is there one of ours.

If you want, I can place another order after the refund

Send pics to me,the price differs from designs. Thanks

据报道,政府将会在这个地区新建一所学校。 英文可以说: It's reported that the government will build a new school in this area(region ).

上午好。在座的各位,我是某某某,我非常荣幸的站在这里给大家做自我介绍。 Good morning to you all. My name is XXX. I am very honored to be able to stand up here introducing myself to you all. 当然,我很高兴能够给大家带来几分钟的演...

we are breaking in each other now, for a better living together

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