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I have nothing except the sincerity.

I got nothing except/besides ...... 我除了...外一无所有 那两个单词任意选一

I'm very poor,I have nothing besides money!

know nothing ,own nothing

一无所有 penniless, poor, lacking money

you can say that you have everything, or nothing.

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一无所有 [词典] have nothing at all [in the world]; not have a stiver; not have a thing to one's name; not own [have] a thing in the world; penniless; [例句]我除了行李被褥之外一无所有。 Apart from clothes and bedding, I have no...

a man without any possessions一个一无所有的男人 the man has no possession. the man has nothing. 或者用own

一无所有就是我拼命努力的理由 英文:Nothing is the reason why I try so hard。 或者:Nothing is the reason for my hard work。

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