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I am so sorry to you .I want to go to guangzhou several time ,but I knowing I can say a little English . I donot know how to change informations from you when I meet you so

Money is a word "people familiar, money is the material base, the people living there since the ancient times," money "money", etc. It is good, have much money can buy, but it is only buy body, and get it's real value, so the money is not

把看作是think ofas把…. 看作regard;view认为(把看作)considered as把看作takefor;look on as有不明白的地方再问哟,祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*)

Happy duck "feeling after reading a book, I will introduce today, this book is for everybody happy duck". This is a major content is a very good kind of duck, the duck neck with a wreath. For a duck is a grandfather.

1 the enzyme is catalytic specific chemical reactions protein, RNA or its complex. Is the biological catalyst, can accelerate the activation energy by lowering reaction reaction speed, but don't change reaction equilibrium. The vast majority of enzyme order to understand students better, teachers go to our dorm everyday. 2.i was a dancer before, i usually dance on the playground, and i like dance myself. 3.refer to my father's health, i must take him to the hospital to have a look. 4.please let me

把翻译成英语Translate xxx into English.Convert the xxx to English.

Abstract: English is today the most international language, English-speaking people in the world's most widely distributed. Along with social progress, English in our country's position in various fields has become increasingly important. Learn the

目前国内一般性的文件首选用金山快译,但需要懂点英文的人仔细校对修改.安装一个pc版的金山词霸和黑马校对程序就可以了,当然ms word xp/2003里面自带的翻译功能也能满足最低质量的翻译要求.目前网络上的免费翻译服务主要有:1.

Work is a wise choice for us, the university provides many opportunities available to the university, in the common interest can be met with them might build relationships, in the university can learn some important skills, confidence and determine

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