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翻译下列句子 1如果你处于困难,你能向你朋友求助...

1 if you are in trouble, you can turn to your friends for help. 2 the doctor is very patient with the patient 3 you learn to work harder, you make more progress 4 he hid behind the door, so that no one can find him. 5 the price...

If you have difficulty to finish the homework, you can ask me for help The boy promised not to make the same mistake next time wearing bought nothing 现在你是九班的学生,你还有哪些问题

1. Do you know about these rules? 2. I'm not interested in TV.

你能帮我打扫起居室吗 翻译: Can you help me clean up the living room

Can I help you

1.What do you want? I want some apples. 2.What's it? It's a sheep. 3.He has three legs.

1 When did you buy the umbrella ? 2 He always has lunch at his office . 3 When did you meet her ? 4 Mrs Smith lost her handbag the day before yesterday . 5 I am going to my sister's tomorrow . **********************************...

1 to be especially careful, don't reveal too much personal messages to strangers. The traffic accident happened to 2 street, to no one injured. 3 you are to travel, travel, or like your China friends? 4 the storm washed away th...

I hope you can introduce your family to me.

Once he began to talk about what had happened in the past, you will never get away from him.用once 表示在这里表示对别人告诫的“如果”

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