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翻译下列句子 1如果你处于困难,你能向你朋友求助...

1.ask me for help if you have difficulty in doing your homework .2.the boy promised that he would not make the same mistake wear 4.bought nothing can i imporve my english .

If you are in trouble, I can help you .

如果你遇到困难,你可以向老师和朋友们寻求帮助If you have difficulties, you can ask your teachers and friends for help.


If your friend is in trouble, you should take the initiative to help.

遇到困难你可以向他求助You can ask for his help if you are in trouble.

When you have trouble, you can ask your teacher or your classmates for help.

1, I don't like learning, because learning is always difficult for me, and I consider myself as very much unlike other intelligent.2, I don't like exams, because every time a test to worry about scores, but also, and will be full of friends. 3.我不知道.我是学生.

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