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clear the plate?!你们这是要洗盘子吗?光盘光盘,顾名思义就是吃光盘子里的东西,当然是eat-it-up campaign.就好像自助餐叫all you can eat,自助餐式协议就是all-you-can-eat contracts都是类似的结构。

有关于“光盘行动” 英文翻译_ It's about "CD-ROM action"

Recently, “clearyour plate” campaign is more and more popular in society, which advocates saving against wasting. The campaign draws our attention to wasting on campus.Some students are noticed to throw away a lot of food in th...

“Clear your plate” Campaign.

不知道你是几年级的,转载一篇,写的不错。仅供参考 -------------- 高考英语作文预测之热点话题:勤俭节约 涉及事件:光盘行动。 来自 勤俭节约是中华民族历来崇尚的光荣传统,自中央提出“厉行节约、反对...

翻译: "clear your plate"campaign

“光盘行动”书面表达(一) 近日,多家饭店启动“光盘行动,从我做起”活动,鼓励顾客“减少舌尖上的浪费”.同时,餐后晒空盘在网络上也悄然流行,不少人以身为“光盘族”骄傲.作为一名中学生,请你以“How to build an economized society”为题向《2l世纪报》...

我有一篇相似的 可以么

Recently,people come to realize how much grain we wasted every year. And everyone is called on to join a program,called "clear your plate",which requires people to eat up all our food. As for me,i think it's an extremely good i...

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