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and 或 with

和…在一起And In harness和…在一起And In harness

一/形*1:(平和、和缓)gentle、mild、kind;*2:(和谐、和睦)harmonious,on good terms;二/名*1:(结束战争或争执):pence;*2:sum;三/动*1(下棋或赛球不分胜负)draw、tie;四/介*1:(连带)to gether with;*2(相关表示等)to、with;五/连*1(表示联合、跟与)and

let's go!这是一句很有动力的话呦!说的时候需要很用力呦!

be with sb 和谁在一起 例如 I want to be with you. 我想和你在一起 do sth with sb 和某人一起做某事 例如 I do homework with you 我和你一起做功课 do sth with sth 用某事来做某事 例如 I wash the clothes with water 我用水洗衣服 希望可以帮到你

My friend As we all know , i have a lot of friends. I have a good friend . Her name is Candy . She is a good student . She is always friendly and helpful . She always helps me with my English . She is never late for school . As we all know a good student

和 [数] sum;and;harmonious;draw;tie更多释义>> [网络短语] 和 Sum;as good as;to trade with 昭和 Shōwa period;Showa;show a 和纸 Washi;washi;Japan paper

between a and b 在两者之间among 在三者及以上之间,但表示多个的每两个之间时,用between .

和什么不同 : is / are different from

和好make peacemake it up有不会的可以再问我

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