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用于书面语和较为正式的场合:mother(母亲、妈妈)、 用于口语等非正式场合:mommy、mum


mother mum

妈妈 n. mamma, momma, mama, mom 你妈妈小时候别提有多苦了。You can hardly imagine what a hard time your mother had when she was a child.她不像她妈妈,她很高,而她妈妈很矮。She is unlike her mother; she is tall and her mother is ...

a's and b's mothers Tom and Jack'共有 Tom's and Jack's 非共有 Tom and Jack's mother 【两人共有的母亲】 Tom's and Jack's mothers 【两人各自的母亲】

爸爸是father 妈妈是 mother

mom, you must be tired because of all the trouble you've taken.

xiaozhang, how‘s your mother going? Not very good,she feels uncomfortable every day what's the matter? she has a stomach. So how do you do? Every day we accompanied her, looked after her, she has a fever. i'm so sorry and how a...

我家有六口人分别是爷爷奶奶妈妈爸爸弟弟和我 There are six people in my family, grandma and grandpa mother father brother and me

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