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①what is wrong with you ②What happend to you ③What is the trouble with you

how about you 英[hau baut ju:] 美[ha bat ju] [词典] 你呢?; [例句]Well, I enjoyed that. How about you two?嗯,我觉得那很棒.你们俩呢?

What the matter with you?~~祝您学习进步~~~~如果你认可我的答案,请点击“采纳为满意答案”~~~~如果你还有其他疑问,请点击“追问”~~~~我将尽全力帮您解答~~

用英语:I miss you.I:pron. 我;个人;利己主义者;miss:n. 女士;(用于姓名或姓之前,对未婚女子的称呼)小姐,失误;v. 思念;漏掉;错过(机会),没遇到;you:pron. 你;大家;你们,您们;各位.扩展资料:1、I miss you terribly! 我多么思念你呀! 2、I lose my heart, I miss you. 我丢失了我的心魂,我失去了你. 3、I miss you, but, I missed you. 我想你,但是,我已经错过了你. 4、I miss you so much and I want you here with me. 我是如此想念你,我想要你和我在一起.


你怎么了What's wrong with you What happened to you What's come over you What's the matter with you

能告诉我你怎么了嘛!can you tell me what is going on with you?

您好!可以说:How old are you?或者:What's your age ?望您采纳,谢谢您的支持!

你到哪了的英文:Where are you now;Where did you go;Where have you been Where 读法 英 [we] 美 [hwe(r); hwr] 1、adv. 在哪里2、pron. 哪里3、conj. 在…的地方4、n. 地点 短语:where it is [口]问题的关键所在;实际情况 例句:1、It's

you 带个种语气 或only you.

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