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Cooking Preparation Room

以下是一些西餐配菜(side dish)的名称及翻译:Mashed Potato 土豆泥Baked Potato 烤土豆French Fries 炸薯条Corn 玉米Broccoli 花椰菜Onion 洋葱mushroom 蘑菇jalapenos 墨西哥辣椒olives 橄榄tomatoes 西红柿green peppers 青椒lettuce

baked potato烤马铃薯 chocolate pudding巧克力布丁 corn-on-the-cob玉米棒 fish pie鱼馅饼 meatballs肉丸 roast beef烤牛肉 salad色拉 spaghetti意大利面条 crackers咸饼干 mashed potato马铃薯泥 pork chop猪排 roast chicken烤鸡 steak牛排

Dishes called: Super supreme pizza Yakitori expense Philip Bacon Japanese-style spicy squid with sweet juice Italy sheep expense-- Thai curry beef Data bombing bone Zhubai with juice The crab carrot juice Steamed scallops garlic Tomato burning

side dish

配菜员Vegetable attendant/Catering clerk冷盘配菜员cold kitchen cook切配厨师butcher西餐厨师chef厨师长:chef大厨:sous-chef (原自法语,不过英语里也这么用了,比较正规,原意为比厨师长低一点的那个位置)二厨:Commis II (如果有三厨 四厨 以此类推 同样原自法语)配菜员:side-dish assistant 这个不太确定,不过应该可以这么用)学徒:intern领班:foreman清洁工:cleaner

【nutritional value of vegetables] It is estimated that the world's more than 20 billion or The more people exposed to environmental pollution caused by a variety of diseases, increasing attention has been concerned about how to solve the problem to

餐桌规矩 table manners平摊费用 to go Dutch主菜 main course火锅 hot pot(与主菜同时上的)配菜secondary course

小菜的英文是:Dishes小菜[xiǎo cài](盐或酱腌制的下酒饭的菜蔬) pickled vegetables; pickles; cole 网络释义1.pickles,pickled vegetables2.side dish3.appetizer4.a piece of cake中中释义小菜xiǎo cài1.(1) [pickled vegetables]∶盛在小碟儿中的下

Pan fry pig willow goose liver sauce with lentils Korean mix squid Green mustard bake sheep saddle Food is Fried pig yellow Baby food flesh A Dutch small intestines. Beauty head

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