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请以《my spECiAl FriEnD》英语作文 带翻译

I have a special frirnd.She has big eyes and long hair.She is tall and beautiful.She is a housewife.Every day she gets up early and plays badminton.Every night she goes to bed early.she is hearlthy.She likes playing volleyball ...

very special friend 非常特殊的朋友 Joe 乔 I gotta find, I gotta find a special friend 我必须找到,我必须找到一个非常特殊的朋友 A little bit of sexiness 有一点点性感 That's all I need 这就是我所需要的 Someone I can kick it with ...

你好! a special taxi my friend jack 一个特殊的出租车我的朋友杰克

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