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We seldom meet

We almost meet each other every day.

We seldom see each other after graduation from the university.

The chance that we meet each other will become slimer and slimer in the future.

我们现在不常见面We have seldom met each other recently.

we have't seen often each other 我们不经常见面或者I have't seen him for ages. 我很长时间不见他了

He read in Shandong University, we rarely meet.

We seldom meet each other.

It has been a long time since we met with each other last time. 或者直接很口语化的说成:Long time no see.Nowadays, English has played a very important role in people's life in society.

will we meet? 由于还未见面,所以见面是将来的事,故要用一般将来时will.

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