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拼音 wuhan 就可以了


Wuhan, composed of the three towns of Wuchang, Hankou, and Hanyang, is the capital of Hubei Province. The three towns, separated by the Yangtze and Hanshui rivers,a re linked by bridges, and because these municipalities are so closely

Wuhan is in the middle part of China. The weather is very changable, summer is too hot, and the winter is too cold.And Wuhan is well known for its hot summer.The air is moisture.

I was born in Wuhan Hubei.这是最基础的了,一般过去时过去某个瞬间.

A Beautiful City Wuhan Located in the middle of China ,Wuhan is a good place for tourists.It is a pleasant city with beautiful lakes,many parks and modern malls which are worth visiting.They all are waiting for you.Hubei province is called“A

Wuhan, Hubei Province, China 先小后大1It is rainning heavily.雨下得很大 It rained heavily yesterday.昨天雨下得很大 It is snowing heavily 雪下得很大Did it have a heavy rain yesterday?昨天雨下得很大吗?health 是名词,意思是健康 healthy 是形

武汉 Wuhan江汉路 Jianghan Road光谷 Optical Valley江滩 Marshland黄鹤楼 Yellow Crane Tower户部巷 The Ministry of Lane

武汉是中国重要的工业基地.现已形成门类比较齐全、配套能力较强的工业体系.武汉正在大力发展现代制造业,着力推进产业技术升级、集群发展. Wuhan is China's important industrial base. Now form a relatively complete, and the supporting

Wuhan, referred to as the "Han", the provincial capital of Hubei Province, the largest city in Central China and the only deputy provincial city, the most prosperous city in inland China, the people's Republic of China regional center city. 武汉,简称“汉”,中国湖北省省会 ,中国中部地区最大都市及唯一的副省级城市,中国内陆地区最繁华都市、中华人民共和国区域中心城市.

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