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雾霾的英语作文80词带翻译 m.460.Com.Cn

Beijing was affected by smog for a long tim in 2015, people lived in Beijing suffer a lot. On the road people drove slowly because they could not see clearly. People also suffered from many illnesses caused by smog. The smog in Beijing has been

Recently,haze weather has become a daily one right here in large part of China.People are forced to wear the mask to avoid breathing poisonous air.So it is necessary to find out the reason why leads to that and work out the resolution.If we trace the

解释雾霾 Haze is air pollution in which is mixed up with dust, smoke and other dry particles ,and it obscure the clarity of the sky and interacts with the natural environment. 雾霾原因 This kind of air pollutant come from a variety of natural and

pollution hazerecently,the topic of air pollution has again aroused more and more attention since pollution haze,a kind of weather,has appeared increasing frequently in our cities.just as the picture showed,when pollution haze comes,the whole city



We all live in the earth. The earth is our home. We have only one earth. We must take care of it. It gives us the best environment. If we harm it, it will be angry. And then we will have a terrible end. There are three problems in our earth, they are pollution

At present, our country's traffic is very crowded. Many cities in our country is to promote public bicycles .So people advocate "green travel, low carbon life". On for the topic, talk about the benefits of promoting public bicycle:the first ,rent is at any

英文:In my mind, everyone shall have his own dream. I think that having a dream means that we have an idea, and then we will do all the things to achieve the target. As long as we have a goal to be realized, we won't be blind at least. My dream is

Environmental problems are becoming more and more serious all over the world. For example, cars have made the air unhealthy for people to breathe and poisonous gas is given off by factories. Trees on the hills have been cut down and waste

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