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类似于音箱的电子鼓乐器是叫什么名字呢?麻烦各位了。 检举|46 分钟前 提问者悬赏:5分 | kkjegpr | 分类:器乐/声乐 | 浏览11次

How To Give Up Smoke 关于如何戒烟 Nowadays, more and more people realize the harm of smoking and the damage it bring to the people around us.Considered the health of people themseves and the one they care, many smokers try thei...

Quit smoking, it is the most important to stick to it You can then select a good smoking cessation products help themselves (such as extract epurated from smoking stick) The last to eat the food on the lung in daily life, such 。

劝人戒烟一定要短, 别写太长的文章。 Dear Jack How are you doing? I am really concerned about your smoking problem. We all know that smoking is not good for all of us, and it is really harmful for your body. As a friend, I since...

He often persuadedhis father to give up smoking,because smoking is harmful to health. 他经常劝他爸爸戒烟,因为吸烟有害健康。

很高兴为你解答 !以下是最标准的翻译。希望对你有所帮助。 说明: stop/quit/end/start/begain/come/go/leave/arrive等一类的瞬间动词,不可以与表示一段时间的时间状语 连用。所以本句翻译用以下句型: 1) 你戒烟多久了? How long is it / h...

翻译: you should quit smoking now望采纳

你好! 很多人开始戒烟 A lot of people are beginning to give up smoking . 希望对你有所帮助。

遵照应该是observe,决定也该是determine,所以,我觉得是:Observing doctor's suggestion, I determine to quit smoking.

医生坚持要我戒烟. The doctor insisted on my giving up smoking 谢谢了

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