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Charlie Puth/Selena Gomez - We Don't Talk Anymore

come and get your love

能多一点提示么... 很多歌都差不多这样吧 = = 知道鸟... 不会是 Here with you 吧 Asher Monroe 的

陈奕迅 红玫瑰

Hard Out Here - Lily Allen I supposed I should tell you what this bitch is thinking You'll find me in the studio and not in the kitchen I will be bragging about my cars Or talking about my chains Don't need to shape my ass for ...

求一首英文歌 男声唱的 节奏不快 有几句歌词是重复take my hand, take my hand,... 很好听的一首歌找了好久没找到就只记得歌词重复takemyhand,takemyhand....



你看看是这首WCG主题曲吗? a l o u t - Beyond The Game 试听:

As Long As You Love Me 播放 歌手:Tiffany Alvord 语言:英语 所属专辑:I've Got It Covered Vol. 3

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