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在线跪求英文翻译:平面图上每个房间的英文名称: ...

every English name on the floor of each room: such as: old total office, manager room, open office, warehouse, computer room

经理办公室在右侧房间, The manager's office is in the right room, 经理办公室在右侧房间, The manager's office is in the right room,

11,100 first aisle general area 21,101 men and changing 31,102 female changing Between 41,103 dress Between 51,104 dress 61,105 women shoes 71,106 men and shoes 81,107 female toilet 91,108 men and bathroom Office 10 1109 Confer...

“房间”英文翻译:room 读法:英 [ruːm; rʊm] 美 [rum] 释义: 1、n. 房间;空间;余地;机会;房间里所有的人 2、vt. 为…提供住处;租房,合住;投宿,住宿;留…住宿 3、vi. 居住;住宿 4、n. (英)鲁姆(人名);(俄)罗姆(人名)...

I have already cleaned my room. I 我 have 因为说是"已经", 所以是完成时, 所以用have already 这个词也可以放到句末, 意思是已经 cleaned 因为是完成时, 所以用的是过去式, "整理", "收拾"的意思 my 我的 room 房间

I'd like a room in the middle, not at the end of the hallway please, thank you.

The room is too small to hold so many people.

Each room has its own bathroom ,and also you can surf the Internet in that room. Every room has its own bathroom and Internet service.

When the state of your room is opening to the outside world, the pictures here are in the same state. 希望有帮助~

Look , I have a nice room . Come and have a look . It’s small and nice . There is a big bed , a small desk , a shelf and a closet . The bed is near the desk . There is a shelf near the closet too . Many good books are in the sh...

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