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A 15 points

每天进步一点点. Make a little progress every day. Make a small step toward success every day

有两种 twenty 2.twenty past one

1点15用英语怎么表示两种方法,一加一减 一,A quarter past one. 二,three quarter to two

be not careless about。。。any more。not mind any more。note  care any more。

a quarter past seven seven fifteen fifteen past seven

the results of effort the fruits of one's effort(s) the fruits of one's hard labor /hard work the achievement/success due to one's hard work.

one fifteen a quarter past one

Dear XXX We check our account receivables and found that there is(are) invoice(s) still open under your Company's name. They are listed as following: invoice No. Open amount xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx ....... ..... Would you please ...

六点半 six thirty 或者 thirty past six 11到20的英语写法及序数形式 eleven eleventh twelve twelfth thirteen thirteenth fourteen fourteenth fifteen fifteenth sixteen sixteenth seventeen seventeenth eighteen eighteenth nineteen nin...

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