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A 15 points

每天进步一点点. Make a little progress every day. Make a small step toward success every day


你说的三点四十二是时间吗?如果是eighteen to four没错,就是差18分钟到4点,自然是3:42了。也可以说成 forty-two past three。不过最常用的还是 three forty-two. 另外你的forty打错了。四是four, 四十不是fourty,而是forty.

be not careless about。。。any more。not mind any more。note  care any more。

有两种 twenty 2.twenty past one

翻译如下 我觉得数学有一点点难. I think math is a little bit difficult. From my point of view, mathematics is a little difficult for me.

the results of effort the fruits of one's effort(s) the fruits of one's hard labor /hard work the achievement/success due to one's hard work.

from 1:58 to 2:00 这样写就够了吧 一般其他的写法很少见,或者你直接说in two minutes也可以啊,简短一点

We live in a city by the name of Weifang.

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