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30条新闻大意 英文

(1) stocks suffered their deepest daily loss yet in 2009 amid new upheaval in the banking sector, poor economic data and unsettling corporate announcements in industries away from wall street. 美国股市迎来2009年首次大跌,不仅因为银行业再显动荡、经济数据表现疲软,而且因为华尔街之外的领域也发出了令人不安的声音.

Israelwithdraws troops from Palestinian towns.”《以色列从巴勒斯坦撤军》.Shanghaifacingtrade challenges from other areas.”《上海在贸易方面正面临其他地区的挑战》.Beijingto fulfil promises for 2008 Olympic.”《北京将履行2008年奥运


Hundreds of people have been killed in a massive earthquake in Japan that triggered a devastating tsunami. The quake -- the most powerful to hit Japan in more than 100 years -- caused massive damage and many people are missing and feared dead.日本的大规模地震造成数百人死亡.这次地震引发了毁灭性的海啸.这次日本100年来最强烈的地震造成大规模的损失,许多人失踪,甚至恐怕已经死亡.

发射场系统总指挥称,周五下午四点三十分,神七航天员将计划进行中国第一次“太空漫步”.神舟七号将于25日飞天. The historic moment will be broadcast live across the world, quoted Cui Jijun as having said on Tuesday, and the

In Libya, forces opposed to former leader Moammar Gadhafi, backed by NATO air strikes, continued their attacks Tuesday on the Gadhafi strongholds of Sirte and Bani Walid.利比亚被反对的前领导人卡扎菲,北约的空袭支持其部队继续他们的攻击,星期二在苏尔特和巴尼瓦利德卡扎菲据点.

The three gorges project at 8 o'clock this morning in traffic over 70 000 cubic metres per second huge the crestof a flood and four or five days after the flood to nanjing, the high water will continue for some time. the children in the huai he said yesterday

这是一时刻,每个人都希望获得的权利-而伦敦楼-钳工l efkosh ajji难以得到更多的错误.该luckless 28岁的梦想给予他的情人, leanne , 26 ,最终的建议,有从字面上消失到空气稀薄. hajji , hackney ,东伦敦,已掩盖了6000磅重的订婚戒指内

Half the respondents of a new poll say taxing the richest Americans by at least 50 percent is a great idea, while more than a third consider Twitter a fad that will likely fade. Those are among the findings of a new "60 Minutes"-Vanity Fair Poll

中英对照读新闻》nigerian 'ritual murderer' lynched by mob 奈及利亚“仪式杀人犯”遭暴民私刑处决 a nigerian who confessed to taking part in the ritual murders of three women was beaten to death by an irate mob, police said recently. 一名供称

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