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super quilt 超被子 quilt [英][kwlt][美][kwlt] n.被子,棉被; 被状物; v.缝(被); 用垫料填塞后缝拢; 东拼西凑地做; 用摘抄等方法编辑; vt.东拼西凑地编; 加软衬料后缝制; vi.缝被子; She beat the quilt to make it soft.她敲打被子好使它松软.

quilt 英[kwlt] 美[kwlt] n. 被子,棉被;被状物 v. 缝(被);用垫料填塞后缝拢;东拼西凑地做;用摘抄等方法编辑 vt. 东拼西凑地编;加软衬料后缝制 [例句]The goal is to complete the quilt.目标是把被子全部涂成彩色.

名词 n. [C]1. 被(子);被褥 The quilt is not thick enough to protect him from the cold. 被子的厚度不足以为他御寒. 2. 被状物及物动词 vt. 1. 加软衬料后缝制 2. 将缝出线条图案 The bedcover was quilted in a flower design. 床罩被缝成花卉图案. 3. 将(钱等)缝入(夹层) Secret letters were quilted in his belt. 密信缝入他的腰带. 4. 东拼西凑地编(书);拼凑[(+together)]不及物动词 vi. 1. 制被;缝被子


quilt [英][kwlt][美][kwlt] n.被子,棉被;被状物 v.缝(被);用垫料填塞后缝拢;东拼西凑地做;用摘抄等方法编辑 vt.东拼西凑地编;加软衬料后缝制 vi.缝被子 复数: quilts 双语例句1.mary saved up pieces of cloth to make a quilt.玛丽存了几块

被子 , bei zi

quilt [kwilt] n. 棉被 vt. 制成棉被, 摘录,编辑 vi. 缝被子 quilt quilt AHD:[kwlt] D.J.[kwilt] K.K.[kw!lt] n.(名词) A coverlet or blanket made of two layers of fabric with a layer of cotton, wool, feathers, or down in between, all stitched firmly together,

quilt,具体的如下,美 [kwlt] 英 [kwlt].vi. (……)缝被子,vt. 加软衬料后缝制(……);东拼西凑地编(……).n. 被子;棉被;被状物.

quilt 英[kwlt] 美[kwlt] n. 被子,棉被; 被状物; v. 缝(被); 用垫料填塞后缝拢; 东拼西凑地做; 用摘抄等方法编辑; vt. 东拼西凑地编; 加软衬料后缝制; [例句]Trembling with fear, he threw himself down on the bed and covered his head with the quilt.他吓得发抖,趴在床上,用被子蒙住了头.[其他] 复数:quilts | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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